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Remote Trip | How to Travel with Me in 2017

Remote Trip – Upcoming Travel Plans

I’m excited to share that I will be participating in The Remote Trip’s inaugural program in 2017. I will be traveling for 6 months with 30 other digital nomads to the following locations:

The Remote Trip Destinations 2017 | Travel With Me

I’m super excited because The Remote Trip is a program founded by two of my friends. Both of whom I met after beginning my location-independent journey. Their goal is to bring together a like-minded community of remote workers to work, live, and travel the world together for 3 to 6 months.

The program arranges flights, accommodation, co-working spaces, and social activities so you can focus on the fun stuff! Their goal is to provide unique experiences for each participant by offering personal wellness options and communal activities. These include keynote speakers, professional workshops, volunteer opportunities, gym passes, yoga sessions, massages, and local cultural excursions.

So if you want to travel with me in 2017, check out The Remote Trip by clicking their logo below!


The Remote Trip Logo

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